Info for Sellers
When choosing a Real Estate Broker to list your home for sale it is important that he/she is geographically competent in the area your property is located.

Understand the difference between a Sellers Agent and a Transaction Broker.

Locate and provide to your Broker all documents pertaining to your property that are in your possession, i.e., survey, building permits, warranties, well permit, septic permit, etc. Your Broker will make copies and return them to you.

When pricing your property for sale, request a competitive market analysis (CMA) from your Broker or hire an Appraiser to appraise your property. If a property is priced right it will spend less time on the market and often command more than it would if it's overpriced and sits on the market too long.

When preparing your home for sale, follow these simple guidelines:

• De-clutter. You know you're going to be moving so start packing away nick nacks, etc. creating space for Buyers to visualize their own belongings. Remove notes to self, etc. from refrigerator.

• Wash windows. Clean windows make a house sparkle.

• Replace blown light bulbs, broken or cracked switch covers or anything that's in disrepair.

• Touch up paint if necessary

• Organize cupboards and closets

• Clean carpet and shine wood floors

• If you have pets, be sure your house doesn't smell like them. Strong room fresheners aren't the answer though because they give Buyers the impression your camouflaging an underlying problem. Use a light smelling chemical free cleanser to clean any problem areas. Open windows when practical.

• Fresh flowers are a nice touch but not necessary.

• First impression are lasting. Look at your home from the perspective of someone who has never seen it. Is there anything that needs improvement as you approach your front door? As you enter the home does it smell fresh? Is it tidy? Would a hanging basket add curb appeal?

When an offer is presented to you take your time reading it and ask questions of your Broker. Don't ever be offended by an offer, think of it as an opportunity to negotiate. The same principal applies to the inspection.

When filling out the property disclosure always disclose anything that you know of that is adverse material fact.


*Prior to signing any documents, Buyers and Sellers have the right to legal counsel.
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